Soul Sisters Rising Together

Experience the genuine connection and sense of belonging you've always wanted within our inspiring and supportive soul sister community.

The world is becoming more and more divisive. Everywhere you look, everywhere you go there are people fighting and arguing over anything and everything.

It's gone beyond simple differences of opinions, and it seems fewer and fewer people can "agree to disagree" and still remain kind, compassionate, civil and respectful to one another.

More and more, people are fighting to win rather than discussing to learn and grow, and there's little or no room for compromise. "There's my way and the wrong way," seems to be a new norm for many.

What I've found most upsetting is how prevalent this divisiveness has become among women in the world (even more so in our culture here in America than anywhere else in the world).

You see it all over social media, in the movies, in our schools and YES even in our families and our own homes:

😔Mom squads who thrive on gossiping and mom shaming

😔 "mean girls" and "chick cliques" who bully, beat and humiliate other girls in schools, and others

😔 friendships and familial relationships in which women manipulate, abuse, take advantage of, and diminish other women in an effort to keep them down at the lowest level of their own comfort and benefit.

As women and natural nurturers, many of us have spent most of our lives playing a variety of roles and fitting many molds:

CAREGIVER & CARETAKER -taking care away from us so we can give care to others and attend to the wants, needs, happiness and well-being of others.

SUPERHERO-wearing many masks and capes, always ready to leap into action trying to do everything you can to save other people and fix and their problems.

PEOPLE PLEASER- agreeing with others, saying "yes" to everyone else and "no" to yourself because the guilt, shame and fear of disappointing or hurting others is more than you can bare.

SACRIFICIAL LAMB- depriving yourself of your own wants and needs to provide for others and always placing others higher than you on the priority list.

FULL-SERVICE PROVIDER-giving more of yourself and doing more than you're capable of because you feel you need to keep up with others around you and hold yourself responsible for everyone and everything around you.


Little-by-little, women all over the world are waking up

and coming back to life!

We're realizing the power and potential of our true nature.

We're realizing what we've been tolerating in our lives that doesn't feel good, doesn't feel right, and what we don't want anymore.

We know we're capable of so much more !



What's most important and what some of us haven't realized, is that in this awakening we are being called to serve in highest ways possible. We are being given the gift of an incredible opportunity to heal this world, break the cycles and create a better future for our daughters, granddaughters, nieces, and all the future generations BOTH masculine and feminine!


It begins here, it begins now, and it begins...WITH US!


❤ comparing ourselves to others, let's celebrate and encourage our differences and appreciate ourselves and each other as we are

❤ tearing each other down and keeping each other hidden in the shadows, let us raise each other up and encourage success and accomplishments

❤ criticizing each other, let us choose to treat each other with kindness, love and compassion.

❤ joining forces to tear each other down, let's come together to lift each other up

Ladies, we have LITERALLY been given the gift and the power of creation!

We were chosen and created by Divine design to bring new life into this world and to feed, nurture, love and support that life as it grows and matures until it is ready to go out into the world on its own.

It's time that we use these gifts to their fullest potential and come together to nurture and love the ways in which we were intended.

But we can't accomplish this or reach our full potential alone.

Sometimes, all we need is someone to take us by the hand, show us what we haven't been able to see, remind us of what we have forgotten and support us throughout our journey.

Genuine and lasting healing can't be achieved alone. It requires the love and compassion of a supportive group of people who share in your desire for happiness, celebrate your efforts and accomplishments and are always ready and willing to hold space for you and to provide the support you need make it through the hard times.




That is why I've created Rising Together -- a beautifully unique 100% judgement free community of soul sisters where you are ALWAYS safe and free to be yourself and show up EXACTLY AS YOU ARE!

Within our community, you will be held in the UNCONDITIONAL love and acceptance of your soul sister tribe and experience the peace, understanding, validation, and comfort you desire most.

Here's what our "soul sisters" have to say about their experiences in Rising Together:

So love this! Every day is a little better because I know I have this tribe!!! 💓💓

All my life I always felt I didn’t fully belong. I have found my place….my tribe where I feel like I 100% belong. These ladies have helped me see my mess is actually some of my magic.

Lorie M.


The messages Debbie delivers have been some of the most insightful, lightbulb, compassionate moments I have had in my own spiritual journey.

She has either helped piece together different thoughts and feelings I've had to help bring me to a bigger picture, brought a whole new idea/way of thinking, or made me feel like I was being heard in a loving, nonjudgmental, genuine and trusting way.

Michelle C.

New York, USA

This is EXACTLY what I've been searching for-strong, powerful, inspiring, incredible women to learn from and grow alongside. The women in this tribe are true role models and spirit lifters!💞

Having a safe space to feel into what our needs truly are and be able to express what is deep within us is such a powerful gift!

Emily M.


This group/tribe is EXACTLY

what I have been desiring for a long time. A safe place to share openly in exactly the moment that we need it and just knowing that we have a tribe that has our back. This tribe is SO powerful!

Thank you Debbie, for the powerful, brilliant person that you are. I am in so much gratitude!💖

Carolin R.


Within the Rising Together Community

you will receive and experience:


Experience overwhelming peace, comfort, acceptance and belonging within our community of like-minded and spirited women who will uplift, nurture and support you throughout your journey.


Comfortably and compassionately embrace the truth about yourself so you can come to a place of peaceful compassion and acceptance for yourself and your life.


Heal and process emotions in a relaxed, compassionate and judgement free space as you are held in the love, comfort and safety of our tribe.


Learn how to find and harness the power that is already within you to be the provider of everything you will ever want and need to live a fulfilling, free and authentic life.


Recognize and break away from the choices, actions and toxic behaviors that have not been serving you and develop better emotional processing skills and abilities.


Free yourself of guilt and shame that comes with having and holding boundaries, stop apologizing for who you are and what you want and need in your life so you can finally put yourself first in your life.


Step out of the shadow and into the light of your true power to navigate life challenges with more confidence, strength and resiliency than ever before.


Develop deeper and stronger connection in your relationships, dramatically lower stress, strengthen your mind, body and spirit and experience greater overall wellness in every area of your life.

Here's what you'll receive each month as a

Rising Together Community Member:

TWO (2) Monthly LIVE "Deep Dive" support sessions: During every LIVE group gathering. you will have the opportunity to share your unique experiences and needs and receive personalized attention and individualized (1-on-1) support from me with the compassionate and loving support of your fellow soul sisters.

Access to session recordings: You'll receive access to all of the LIVE session recordings withing your Soul Sister member portal.

Ongoing Group Support: You will receive regular and ongoing connection and support from Debbie and the other soul sisters within the PRIVATE members only Soul Sisters Rising Together Facebook community as we celebrate your accomplishments and milestones and hold space with you and for you through your life challenges.

This is not another "post and ghost" forum. This is a FULLY ENGAGED, INTIMATE, and SACRED container with personal connection and support.

Member-only Discounts: As a Rising Together tribe member, you will receive exclusive discounts on private 1-1 sessions, additional memberships, future LIVE events as well as other products and services.


Annual Membership

$598 USD

Annual Payment

(Billed once per year)

Try 30 days for $28, then $598/month billed every month after from date of enrollment.

Monthly Membership

$58 USD

Monthly Payment

(Billed 12 times per year)

Try 30 days for $38, then $58/month billed every month after from date of enrollment.


Everyone belongs, and no one will be turned away. If you need further assistance financing your healing journey, I am here for you. Click the button below to contact me for payment options or partial scholarship.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this program different from other online group programs you there? What makes this one so special and unique?

I believe that true transformation can't be done alone and requires deep personal support and connection. That is why I personally chose to meet LIVE each and every month. I have a unique style that combines deep insights, fun stories, and self-discovery. This is not a passive "set it and forget it" online course. We go DEEP! We get REAL! And we're together, EVERY STEP OF THE WAY. It's engaging, fun, interactive and full of life!

You will be guided as you discover your own truths about yourself and your life. By the end of this program, you will not only understand why you do what we do, what beliefs and actions are standing in your way, but HOW to live your life in a new way on an entirely new path.

It is SO important that I honor and respect each person I work with and that everyone feels supported during their journey. That's why I have implemented a clear set of standards and guidelines to uphold the integrity, comfort and security of our online community. Unlike other social media groups, our Soul Sister Tribe is NOT a place for those searching a "pity platform" or "social soapbox" and goes FAR beyond the occasional post of funny little memes and inspirational quotes. It's an engaging and supportive community that welcomes and unites like-minded and spirited women from all parts of the world who have been searching for a place where they are free, safe, celebrated, loved and accepted for who they truly are.

I've never done anything like this before. Do I need to have a lot of other experience for this to work for me?

Absolutely NOT! The beauty of Rising Together is that it was created to meet everyone exactly where they are in their journey. This is NOT a "one-size-fits-all" model where you follow my steps and BIBBIDI BOBBIDI BOO your life is perfect! During this program, you will create your own unique blueprint and map out your life EXACTLY as you want to live it in a way that meets your comfort level, wants, needs and vision for happiness. Whether you have done any other personal development work and/or any other healing approaches or modalities in the past, I offer something for everyone and will meet your needs in a way that is best and comfortable for you.

How do I know if this is right for me? What do I need to have or do to get the most out of this program?

To get the best results and most out of this program, all you need is a strong desire for change and willingness to approach things with an open mind and heart. Most importantly, you need to be ready and willing to "show up" and be 100% committed to yourself and the process. You'll learn a lot from being a passenger, but you'll really find your direction from the driver's seat. This is not a quick fix and not for the faint of heart! This is a not a program that's going to help you learn who did what and who's to blame. If you are ready to take charge, own your stuff and put your focus completely on yourself and what you have the power to influence in your life, then this is totally your jam! Perhaps you're not quite there yet. That's okay. When you're ready, I'll be right here, ready and waiting for you. But for now, this might not be "your cup of tea."

How long do I have portal access and access to the session recordings and other program materials?

You will have unlimited access to the course portal as well as all of the session recordings for as long as your membership is active. Upon cancellation, you will no longer have access to the portal. Audio downloads of session recordings will be available for listening in a place and at a time that is most comfortable convenient for you.

I really want to join, but the current price offerings are still out of my range. Do you offer any financial assistance?

I want everyone is worthy and deserving to live their best life as their highest selves regardless of income or financial means. I don't want ANYTHING to stand in the way of your best life and the gift of this incredible tribe. If you need additional assistance, I am happy to support you in your endeavors. Just click the link above or contact me at: and I will support you in every way I can.

Will I be able to change or cancel my membership at any time?

OF COURSE! I understand that life happens, needs and preferences change, and things come up. If, for any reason you need to change to a different membership level, you need to pause or take a break for a while or decide to cancel your membership completely, simply contact me at and I will gladly help and support you.

Do you offer a money back guarantee? What is your refund policy?

"At the end of the day we are accountable to ourselves - our success is a result of what we do."-Catherine Pulsifer

I believe that the level of success and degree of results is dependent upon each person's commitment towards their own personal growth and transformation. While I can guarantee that the methods and coaching style offered during my sessions are highly effective and "one of a kind," I cannot guarantee the individual results of each person. Only you, and you alone can guarantee your success.

All sales on all products and services are FINAL and refunds are not available. Any premature cancellations of any internet and/or subscription based coaching programs and other online services will result in the termination of service and removal from all course portals, Facebook groups and other program resources and benefits (unless otherwise indicated by service offering description). No refunds will be issued for any/all cancelled online courses, products, subscriptions and/or other Life Path services. If you cancel any monthly subscription you will maintain access to all sessions, recordings and online community for the duration of your monthly subscription. All access to portal, community and other program resources will no longer be available and no further subscription payments will be processed after cancellation.